Car Service—Are Your Tyres Screaming For Wheel Alignment?

27 March 2018
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There are some aspects of car servicing some motorists neglect under the assumption that they are not as critical as other forms of maintenance. One of the areas that tend to be underestimated is the alignment of the wheels. However, correct wheel alignment is crucial to your safety because it causes an array of driving problems when overlooked. So how can you tell that your tyres are in dire need of proper alignment? Read More 

Castor Wheel Special Features for Healthcare Facilities

24 March 2018
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Facility management is a crucial aspect of any industry because it enhances the efficiency of operations. It is partly made possible by castor wheels that allow for smooth movement of equipment. Therefore, if you are a facility manager and want to transition to premises management in the healthcare industry, then you need to be prepared for differences in castor wheel requirements. The fact that you have previously worked .with castor wheels doesn't necessarily mean that the experience will help in a healthcare facility. Read More 

Common Misconceptions About DIY Car Spray Painting

13 March 2018
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If your car is a bit run down and dull, a new coat of paint can be just what you need to make that vehicle look fresh and new. Just like repainting the walls of your home, new paint and a new colour can take years off the appearance of a car and may even improve its resale value! If you're thinking of tackling this job yourself, note a few misconceptions you might have about car spray painting. Read More