What a Business Owner Needs to Know About Commercial Vehicle Insurance Repairs

16 April 2018
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Commercial vehicle insurance is a bit different than the insurance you have for your own personal car or truck, and if you're a business owner or are self-employed and use a vehicle in the course of your business, you may need this type of insurance coverage for your vehicle. This will ensure that repairs needed for that vehicle are properly covered if you should get into an accident while in the course of business. Read More 

Two simple steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of your car breaking down

12 April 2018
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There are several simple steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of your car breaking down. Read on to find out what these steps are. Watch out for the early warning signs of battery failure Many vehicle breakdowns are the result of dead batteries. As such, it's important to keep a close eye on your car battery and to take action as soon as you notice any signs that it may malfunction in the near future. Read More 

Why Is Wheel Alignment on a Truck More Complex Than a Car?

4 April 2018
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Most long-distance truck operators also own a car as a personal runaround and as such, are fully aware of the need to maintain it properly and to check wheel tracks on a regular basis. However, they may not be aware of the need to check not just the front wheels and tyres on their work vehicle, but also the configuration of the other axles. Why is it important to have a comprehensive look at all the wheels on a truck and trailer " Read More 

3 Helpful Tips for Beginners When Selling Junk Cars

29 March 2018
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Scrapping a car for some cash can be a profitable way of getting rid of an old vehicle that can, in turn, be converted into a valuable asset by someone else. However, most car owners tend to leave their old cars to deteriorate in the backyard, which can be a big headache when owners need to dispose of them. Selling a junk car doesn't have to be a laborious process if you know what you are doing. Read More 

Keeping a Vehicle Roadworthy for Rego Inspections

27 March 2018
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A rego inspection, meaning an inspection done before a car's registration is issued, is usually required of all vehicles over a particular age to ensure they're safe for both the owner and for other drivers. While you can always get your car repaired as needed before such an inspection, it's often good to keep it in good condition throughout the year, so that you aren't faced with fixes that would otherwise be unnecessary, and also so you don't face any delays in getting your new registration. Read More